Horizen Super (ZEN)




1 Months of service for Horizen Super(ZEN) Masternode Hosting
Managed Horizen Super Node as a Service will guarantee all the long list of requirements to receive the coin reward. By using it, you won’t need to run a vps or to do any coding in linux! We will take care of everything, including, frozen daemons, updates etc. You may even increase your earnings, since we have a team that is ready to fix any issue related to your node asap that might prevent a reward lost!

WARNING: Horizen does NOT allow a Transparent address (t-address) to be registered as a node collateral for a node twice. If the t-address was used before to hold a node collateral, please send the coins to a new t-address of yours BEFORE requesting the service (this is mandatory for every IP change). Fail on that, will lead to loss of reward until the t-address is replaced*.


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