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We understand blockchain and the diversified knowledge needed to develop mission specific applications. Special attention with a keen eye on Full Stack familiarity in each layer needed to optimize system performance.  Keeping in mind, not to forget that security remains at the forefront for achieving long term success.







What we bring to you

Block Explorer

Discover our full featured and intuitive blockchain explorer with numerous API’s to obtain blockchain data. Coin movement, Masternode data and network specifications help you keep up-to-date with market price and links to all your social networks.

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DNS Seeder

The most important things in a blockchain network is to obtain connections with current and working nodes. Our DNS seeder detects and tests the functioning nodes on the network, preventing your chain from forking.

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Blockchain Development

We can create a unique, globally distributed ledger for your business needs. Whether it be Proof of Work (POW) and/or switching to Proof of Stake (POS) on a testnet or mainnet, we have your needs and specific requirements covered.

Coin Swapping App

The industry’s first and only “On-Chain Proof of Burn” swap application. We have a proven track record with over 14k swaps of 100+ coins. Layered security with triple accounting, for unmatched success.

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Merchandise Store

Start selling merchandise today with our profit-sharing store.

Build your community around branded items all the while earning money for your team!

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Our Mission,
Values and Motto

We seek to develop ideas and achieve new goals. Merge brings together skilled and talented individuals to form teams pursuing world adoption and the integration of blockchain technology, all the while offering a unique opportunity to be part of a life changing experience.

Jonathan Astié
Founder & CEM

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