Rewarding Content Producers with Crypto

Looking for a way to easily reward content producers for generating content? Try RocketBot. You can instantly send crypto to content producers and any other freelancers involved in your latest project. How Do You Send Crypto over a Social Media Site? RocketBot allows you to quickly send crypto to a specific individual using a command […]

Crypto Adoption Using Social Media Platforms

Social media offers the perfect gateway for crypto. Thanks to RocketBot, it has never been easier to send or receive cryptocurrency. If you can post or tweet on social media, you can transfer crypto. Learn more. Over Half the World Uses Social Media Sites More than half of the world now uses social media. In […]

Token Projects List on RocketBot

Add your token to the token projects list on RocketBot to accelerate community engagement and token distribution. Distributing crypto blockchain tokens through RocketBot Pro allows you to reward users and boost your advertising campaigns.With RocketBot Pro, you can easily schedule airdrops and giveaways. Learn more about the token projects list on RocketBot and how to […]

Advertise by Monetizing Your Tweets

Monetize your tweets with crypto using RocketBot. You can start paying users to engage with your ads instead of paying Twitter to promote your ads.Engage-to-earn is the latest paradigm in advertising. RocketBot Pro allows advertisers to pay users in crypto for liking, retweeting, and commenting on social media posts.Learn more about RocketBot Pro and how […]

Users Get Paid to Engage

Share ads on social media to earn crypto. Users can now get paid to engage with social media content thanks to RocketBot.Advertisers are monetizing their tweets using RocketBot Pro to pay you to like, retweet, and share on social media. With this engage-to-earn platform, you earn crypto for engaging with specific brands and businesses.Unlike many […]

Engage-to-Earn on Twitter with RocketBot

RocketBot aims to give users an easier way to send and receive crypto through social media. It’s bridging the divide between crypto and social media platforms.Thanks to RocketBot, advertisers can now easily pay users for engagement, making it a simple engage-to-earn solution. You can reward followers by running airdrops and giveaways. It also provides users […]

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Wyoming Blockchain Legislation Paving the Way

HB70 – Open blockchain tokens-exemptions 3/12/2018 Since the landfall HB-70 was sign in 2018 by the Wyoming Governor, new legislation for 2019 has been on fire, making Wyoming Blockchain heaven. B0057 – 2019 Financial technology sandbox. HB0062 – 2019 Wyoming Utility Token Act-property amendments. HB0070 – 2019 Commercial filing system. HB0074 – 2019 Special purpose […]