Share ads on social media to earn crypto. Users can now get paid to engage with social media content thanks to RocketBot.
Advertisers are monetizing their tweets using RocketBot Pro to pay you to like, retweet, and share on social media. With this engage-to-earn platform, you earn crypto for engaging with specific brands and businesses.
Unlike many of the existing play-to-earn options, you do not need to devote a lot of time or energy. You simply need to share and like social media content.
Keep reading to learn more about how to use crypto blockchain to earn with RocketBot Pro.

Crypto Blockchain Earnings Through Social Media Activity
RocketBot was designed to serve as a bridge between crypto and social media. It facilitates the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies. Advertisers can use the platform to easily schedule crypto airdrops or reward users with giveaways.
You may have seen other engage-to-earn and watch-to-earn models in the past. For example, Brave Browser allows you to earn crypto for watching ads. You can also earn crypto while driving using the COIN App or Mobilio.
However, RocketBot offers a more straightforward way to earn. You can receive rewards or free crypto through social media activity.

How to Use Crypto Blockchain to Earn Using RocketBot Pro
RocketBot is available for download through the Apple Store and Google Play. You need an iOS or Android device or an Internet browser to sign up and start using RocketBot.
RocketBot is more than just an engage-to-earn platform. It is also a native crypto wallet that you can use to manage and track crypto assets.
After downloading the app and creating an account, you can link your social media accounts. You can link RocketBot to Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to start earning.
Follow your favorite brands and businesses. Look for advertisers that use RocketBot Pro and keep an eye out for giveaways and airdrops. As the popularity of this innovative approach grows, you can expect more advertisers to use RocketBot to give away crypto.
The number of advertisers and influencers using RocketBot continues to grow each day. Users can take advantage of this new engage-to-earn model to receive crypto rewards for using the social media platforms that they already spend time on.

Manage and Earn Crypto from a Single App
RocketBot stands out compared to other engage-to-earn platforms due to its functionality. You can use your account for more than just earning crypto. It also serves as a crypto wallet.
A crypto wallet is a software program or piece of hardware designed to hold the private keys to your crypto assets. You need a crypto wallet to hold, receive, and send cryptocurrencies.
A software wallet is the most common solution, as it offers a secure method for managing cryptocurrencies on your smartphone or tablet.
After creating your account, you can exchange and manage cryptocurrencies from the mobile app. The app also includes a simple crypto portfolio tracker. You can view prices, trends, and more for the crypto coins supported on the network.

Quick and Convenient Peer-to-Peer Crypto Transactions
Along with earning crypto, you can use your account to send crypto. The platform offers free peer-to-peer (P2P) tipping. You can use simple commands to quickly send crypto to another user.
For example, you could use the platform to split a dinner bill with friends or pay a local vendor. The only requirement is for each user to have a RocketBot account.

Support for the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies
RocketBot is powered by Merge, which is designed as an ecosystem for supporting different blockchain platforms. Merge is also one of the many cryptocurrencies supported by the RocketBot system.
Along with Merge (MERGE), you can use the crypto wallet to send and receive the most popular cryptos, including:
• Bitcoin
• Ethereum
• Litecoin
• Shiba Inu
• Doge
• Binance Coin
• And more

Advertisers and developers continue to add their token projects to the network. After signing up, you can browse RocketBot for the latest projects to find airdrop opportunities and potential rewards. You can earn crypto simply for retweeting and commenting on social media posts.
If you are interested in getting paid to engage, download RocketBot for your tablet or smartphone today. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play for the latest version or RocketBot.

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