Social media offers the perfect gateway for crypto. Thanks to RocketBot, it has never been easier to send or receive cryptocurrency. If you can post or tweet on social media, you can transfer crypto. Learn more.

Over Half the World Uses Social Media Sites

More than half of the world now uses social media. In fact, 59% of the world’s population uses at least one social media site. 

In the modern age, social media is how you reach people. Just two years ago, about 49% of the population used social media. Now, 4.7 billion people have social media accounts. The average user spends over two hours using social media each day. 

Along with sending messages, social media can now facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrency. RocketBot works on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, allowing you to send and receive crypto.

Social Media Supports the Crypto World

Cryptocurrencies have always had a close connection to social media platforms. A large portion of the public gets their news from social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter

Chatter on social media helped raise awareness and interest in cryptocurrencies. Toward the end of October 2010, the price of bitcoin (BTC) was about $0.10. By the same time the following year, the price for BTC was $3.27.

A decade later, the price for one BTC had swelled to $58,000 before gradually sliding to its present price. The price increase is largely attributed to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, which started on social media.

RocketBot Simplifies the Way You Transfer Crypto

Sending and receiving crypto can seem complex for those who are new to blockchain currencies. You traditionally needed an account with a trading platform to send and receive crypto. RocketBot replaces the need for a separate hot wallet.

RocketBot is a secure digital crypto wallet that you can use to store and manage your crypto. 

Along with storing crypto, you can use commands to complete transfers via social media. RocketBot offers users a variety of commands for use on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

For example, you can reward followers or content creators with crypto via an airdrop or giveaway using a single command sent via Twitter. 

RocketBot May Help You Reach More People

With over 240 million users on Twitter and hundreds of millions more on other social media sites, RocketBot can help you connect with more people compared to other crypto platforms.

Developers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can boost engagement through airdrops and giveaways. The amount of MERGE that you hold in your RocketBot wallet determines how many transactions you can complete each day.

The basic features allow you to send up to five tips, one airdrop, and one giveaway per day for free. However, if you hold MERGE, you can complete more transfers.

No other system offers a simpler way to reward consumers. You can give away crypto to drive more awareness of your brand, product, or service.

If you want to try RocketBot for yourself, the next step is to create an account. After linking your social media account and adding crypto to your wallet, you can start sending and receiving cryptocurrency via Twitter. 

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