Looking for a way to easily reward content producers for generating content? Try RocketBot. You can instantly send crypto to content producers and any other freelancers involved in your latest project.

How Do You Send Crypto over a Social Media Site?

RocketBot allows you to quickly send crypto to a specific individual using a command sent via Twitter, Discord, or Telegram. You just need a RocketBot account and the RocketBot app

After downloading the app, you can link your account to a social media site and start issuing commands using tweets or messages. 

You can view your balances, withdrawals, and deposits. RocketBot also allows you to “tip” other people, which is how you send crypto and reward content producers.

To send a tip, you issue a command followed by the amount of crypto to send, the type of coin, and the name of the user. You can send the same amount to up to five users and complete up to five tips per day for free. 

Why Use RocketBot to Reward Content Producers?

Content producers include the freelancers that you pay to generate content for your marketing efforts. This may include blog articles, videos, product descriptions, and other content used to promote your brand or business.

Depending on the payment method that you use, managing the payments for content producers can be a challenge. RocketBot aims to simplify your payments by allowing you to complete transactions via social media messages. 

You can compensate content producers for their work and reward them for achieving specific goals or objectives, such as generating a specific number of views.

A few of the advantages of using RocketBot to pay content creators include:

  • Zero or low transaction fees
  • Support for a variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Complete transactions in seconds
  • Maintain a transparent record of payments
  • Work with a larger pool of content producers

Freelancers traditionally rely on online banking platforms, such as PayPal or Stripe. These platforms are relatively easy to use, but often charge transaction fees. The content producer receives less for their work, especially if they need to convert the currency.

RocketBot allows you to send at least five tips per day for free. You can unlock more transactions by holding 300 MERGE tokens in your RocketBot wallet. 

RocketBot does not charge any deposit fees. You only pay the withdrawal fees incurred by the blockchains of the cryptocurrencies that you exchange. 

The transactions take seconds to complete and create a permanent, transparent record. You and your recipient receive a permanent record of the transaction, which eliminates the risk of disputes over a lack of payment. 

Unlike a bank, RocketBot works 24/7/365. It is always running to process your transactions. You do not need to worry about whether you can pay a content producer on the weekend or during a major holiday. 

You may also gain access to a larger pool of content producers, as a growing number of people have adopted crypto as their preferred method of payment. 

Download RocketBot today to start rewarding your content producers with crypto.

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