Add your token to the token projects list on RocketBot to accelerate community engagement and token distribution. Distributing crypto blockchain tokens through RocketBot Pro allows you to reward users and boost your advertising campaigns.
With RocketBot Pro, you can easily schedule airdrops and giveaways. Learn more about the token projects list on RocketBot and how to use the platform to boost your marketing and advertising efforts.

What is RocketBot Pro?
RocketBot is a versatile platform and native crypto wallet. It allows you to store and manage cryptocurrencies. However, you can also use the platform to send crypto and even list your own tokens.
The ability to send crypto allows advertisers to use RocketBot to engage with their target audiences. Advertisers can reward users for retweeting and liking social media posts.
RocketBot users can quickly set up a crypto airdrop or giveaway. It also allows users to send tips. These features apply to the growing list of supported cryptocurrencies and new tokens submitted by developers.
If you currently have a token that you want to promote, RocketBot is an effective solution. You can instantly reach just about anyone, as RocketBot is supported on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

How to Add Your Token to the Token Projects List
If you want to add your token listing, visit RocketBot’s coin listing page. You need to complete a short form to submit your request for a token listing. An administrator will review your request. 
The information needed includes your name, the token ticker, the GitHub link, a contact address, network, email address, social media link, and project description. You can also contact an admin through the RocketBot Discord server.

We have two payment options.
    1. One time purchase (escrow MERGE tokens) Merge tokenomics
    2. Setup and Go w/ $20 Monthly

Why Use RocketBot to Distribute Crypto Blockchain Tokens?
RocketBot is the perfect option for distributing crypto blockchain tokens, especially when introducing a new token. You can gain immediate exposure for your token with less effort compared to traditional online advertising methods. Some of the advantages of using RocketBot to distribute your token include:
• Easily launching giveaways and airdrops
• Reaching users on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord
• Paying users to share or like your social media posts
• Managing your crypto using the RocketBot crypto wallet
Here is a closer look at why you should use RocketBot for your token…

Easily Launch Giveaways and Airdrops
One of the greatest features of RocketBot is the ability to quickly set up a crypto airdrop or giveaway. Sending cryptocurrency to other users involves commands that you include in social media messages to RocketBot.
The commands and parameters let you set how much crypto you want to send and when. You can also select from any of the major cryptocurrencies or distribute your own token after submitting a request for your token listing.

Reach Users on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord
Twitter is one of the most-used social media platforms, with over 330 million active users and over 200 million daily users. Millions of people also use Telegram and Discord. You should have no problem connecting with your target audience using one of these three platforms.

Pay Users to Share or Like Your Social Media Posts
After getting your token listed on RocketBot, you can start distributing it to users. You can reward users for sharing or liking your social media posts, which can help boost brand recognition. You can quickly generate more interest in your marketing efforts without paid advertising. You pay users directly instead of paying an advertising platform.

Manage Your Crypto Using the RocketBot Crypto Wallet
Along with using RocketBot to distribute your tokens and engage with your users, you can use the app to manage your crypto. The app works as a secure crypto wallet and includes frequent updates so that you can track crypto prices and monitor the value of your assets.

Install the RocketBot App to Start Managing Your Crypto
RocketBot offers the most innovative solution for engaging with your chosen community. You can reach your target audience and build stronger connections by giving away crypto. Reward users with your token and increase your token distribution.
The first step is to download and install the RocketBot mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play. You can then create an account, link your social media accounts, and submit a request for your token listing.
Apple Store or Google Play

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