Monetize your tweets with crypto using RocketBot. You can start paying users to engage with your ads instead of paying Twitter to promote your ads.
Engage-to-earn is the latest paradigm in advertising. RocketBot Pro allows advertisers to pay users in crypto for liking, retweeting, and commenting on social media posts.
Learn more about RocketBot Pro and how to monetize tweets with crypto.

Reward Social Media Followers with Crypto
The traditional approach to online marketing involves paid advertisements on the most used online channels. Social media remains the most used marketing channel and the best way to reach almost any demographic.
Unfortunately, social media advertising is not always cost-effective. For example, setting up a campaign with Twitter Ads may not always produce the results that you hope for, resulting in wasted marketing spending.
RocketBot Pro and Merge offer an alternative for connecting with your target audience. Instead of paying for impressions or ineffective Twitter Ads, you can pay users directly.
You can easily set up a campaign to reward users that engage with your social media posts. You can set a specific reward amount, which is then paid in crypto.

How to Monetize Tweets with Crypto Using RocketBot Pro
The first step for using RocketBot Pro to monetize your tweets is to download the app. You can download RocketBot on iOS and Android devices.
After downloading the app, setting up an account, and linking social media accounts, you can start rewarding users for their engagement.
RocketBot gives you four methods for sending crypto to other users:
• Airdrops
• Giveaways
• Tips
• Rain
Using RocketBot to reward users offers many advantages over standard paid social media ads. Instead of paying to promote tweets, you engage directly with users. This creates a stronger connection, which should help improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
Rewarding users may lead to greater conversion rates. You can convert more followers into new customers simply by rewarding them for liking or retweeting a tweet or social media post. You may also retain more customers due to the potential for crypto rewards.

Using Commands to Send Crypto
The four methods for sending cryptocurrency using RocketBot are initiated using commands. The commands and parameters are added to your social media posts.
RocketBot automatically carries out the actions that you trigger with the command and parameters. Most of the commands are available to use on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.
You can also select the cryptocurrency of your choice. The developers behind RocketBot partnered with The Merge to support the platform. Along with Merge (MERGE), the platform supports a growing list of cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Shiba Inu, and a couple of dozen other cryptocurrencies are currently supported. Developers also frequently add new tokens through the RocketBot token projects list, giving users more ways to earn and take advantage of this new engage-to-earn system.
Initiate an Airdrop
An airdrop is used to giveaway crypto to the first users to claim the reward. Using an airdrop allows you to quickly reward users for engaging with tweets, which helps quickly generate interest in your brand.
Launch a Giveaway
A giveaway involves giving away crypto to a random selection of winners out of a group of participants. Unlike an airdrop, the winners are randomly selected from a pool of those who participate before the giveaway ends.
Send Crypto Tips
RocketBot allows you to send crypto tips to specific users. You can send crypto to up to five users at a time. You may find tipping more effective for rewarding users for specific actions, such as commenting on a post or retweeting your content.
Make It Rain
The “make it rain” command is only available on Discord servers. It allows you to give away crypto to users who were online within the last 10 minutes. It is a unique way to encourage greater engagement with your content.

Boost Your Advertising with RocketBot
RocketBot provides an alternative to Twitter Ads and other social media advertising techniques. You can now pay users directly instead of paying the social media platforms.
Connecting directly with users can lead to greater conversions, increased customer retention, and many other benefits.
If you want to start rewarding users for engaging with your social media activity, download RocketBot and create an account.

Visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download RocketBot and get started.

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