RocketBot aims to give users an easier way to send and receive crypto through social media. It’s bridging the divide between crypto and social media platforms.
Thanks to RocketBot, advertisers can now easily pay users for engagement, making it a simple engage-to-earn solution. You can reward followers by running airdrops and giveaways. It also provides users with a fun way to earn crypto for likes, retweets, and other social media activity.
So what is RocketBot, and who should use it? Here is what you should know about RocketBot for engage-to-earn activities on Twitter.

What is RocketBot?
RocketBot is one of the latest engage-to-earn platforms and is likely to become a major part of how people use crypto on social media. It offers a streamlined method for sending and receiving crypto via Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.
RocketBot is intended as a bridge between social media platforms and cryptocurrencies. Users can use the platform to exchange, send, receive, and airdrop cryptocurrencies. RocketBot also allows members to subscribe to news and tips.
RocketBot is supported by Merge, which is a platform designed to support blockchain and non-blockchain services. It acts as the intermediary between you and Software as a Service (SaaS) products.
The Merge ecosystem includes a variety of services, including RocketBot. The simplicity of RocketBot makes it the ideal solution for an engage-to-earn campaign.

What is Engage-to-Earn?
Engage-to-earn refers to a model in which users are rewarded for participating in specific activities on social media.
For example, advertisers may run a giveaway for followers who retweet or like a specific tweet on Twitter. The users are rewarded for engaging with the Twitter account.
In the past, setting up an airdrop or giveaway using crypto required multiple steps on separate platforms. RocketBot streamlines the process. It allows advertisers to pay users directly for their engagement.
Here are the steps for earning crypto with RocketBot:

  • Install the mobile RocketBot crypto wallet app
  • Link the crypto wallet app to your Twitter account
  • Start earning crypto for using Twitter

After installing the crypto wallet, users can look for airdrop opportunities that utilize RocketBot. Engaging with certain accounts may result in free crypto with minimal effort.

How Does RocketBot Work?
RocketBot integrates with Discord servers, Telegram groups, and Twitter accounts. Users can also access RocketBot services through private messaging.
The web-based RocketBot platform allows you to register a main account for use with all supported social media networks.
To get started, you just need to install the RocketBot crypto wallet on your smartphone. After installing the app, link your Twitter account to start earning or giving away crypto.
RocketBot is a type of bot designed specifically for robotic process automation (RPA). RPA allows bots to automatically carry out specific requests, such as initiating a crypto giveaway or sending crypto to a specific user.
The transactions are completed using commands. The RocketBot website and YouTube channel provide tutorials for issuing commands on supported social media networks. With a single line of code, you can instantly check past transactions or launch a new crypto giveaway.
Some of the main features of RocketBot include:

  • Universal native wallet
  • Instant deposits & withdrawals
  • No extra fees
  • Rewards
  • Tokenomics
  • Security

RocketBot users receive access to a personal wallet that they can use to store cryptocurrencies, including Merge (MERGE). After signing up, you can complete instant deposits and withdrawals using your linked social media accounts.
RocketBot does not charge extra fees for deposits. However, withdrawals are subject to the standard fees incurred by each crypto coin.
Users can also reward other users. Reward options include tips, airdrops, and giveaways. The platform also supports Tokenomics by locking tokens that users receive after a service period ends.
RocketBot provides a secure solution for sending and receiving crypto through social media. It uses the captcha system to verify that a human is completing the action instead of another bot.

Advantages of Choosing RocketBot 
RocketBot stands out compared to the other engage-to-earn options that have appeared online. Users can sign up quickly and start using the platform to launch giveaways and complete crypto transactions.
Other advantages of using RocketBot include:

  • Supports a variety of crypto
  • Easy to use commands
  • Convenient crypto wallet
  • Airdrops with increased transparency
  • Get more out of your advertising

RocketBot is also free to use. Most of the features are provided for free. You can create a wallet, receive crypto, send tips, and complete giveaways without extra fees. The only fees come from withdrawals and extended usage.

Supports a Variety of Crypto
RocketBot supports a growing list of cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Merge (MERGE)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • PIVX
  • Whale Exploder (WHEX)
  • Absolute (ABS)
  • French Digital Reserve (FDR)
  • Martkist (MARTK)
  • Block-Logic (BLTG)
  • Doge (DOGE)
  • Ultragate (ULG)
  • Firo (FIRO)
  • And more

The current selection of cryptos includes Bitcoin (BTC) and Doge (DOGE), which are two of the most well-known currencies. The selection of cryptocurrencies should continue to grow as the popularity of the platform increases.

Easy to Use Commands
Sending crypto on Twitter using RocketBot is easy. You insert a single line at the end of a tweet to schedule giveaways, tip someone, or send crypto to a friend.
Immediately after sending the tweet, the RocketBot account sends a confirmation message to your Twitter account. RocketBot transfers the crypto out of your account and sends it to the intended recipient. You get another confirmation message after the transfer is complete.
RocketBot commands allow you to:

  • Complete a deposit
  • List deposits
  • Complete a withdrawal
  • List withdrawals
  • List transactions
  • View balances
  • Complete an airdrop
  • Complete a giveaway
  • Send a tip
  • List all coins

Most commands are available on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. However, some commands are only available on Discord or Discord and Telegram.
For example, you cannot list all transactions on Twitter but can view all withdrawals or all deposits.

Convenient Crypto Wallet
The mobile crypto wallet is another reason to use RocketBot. Users can download the mobile wallet on their iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.
The wallet is powered by Merge. After signing in, users can exchange crypto and view the value of each currency in real time. The wallet is useful for tracking the value of your assets and viewing transactions without relying solely on commands on social media.

Airdrops with Increased Transparency
Using RocketBot allows for greater transparency when completing airdrops and crypto giveaways. Crypto users have grown skeptical of airdrops due to the rise of scams and worthless airdrops.
RocketBot provides complete transparency, as the transactions are automated. The advertiser or brand has no control over who receives the reward during a random giveaway. The transparent nature of RocketBot offers a trustworthy solution for completing airdrops and giveaways.

Get More Out of Your Advertising Campaign
RocketBot offers many advantages for both consumers and advertisers. As an advertiser, you can increase engagement levels with your target audience.
Offering real rewards for liking, commenting, and retweeting can boost the visibility of your advertising campaigns. You can use airdrops and giveaways to attract and retain more followers.

Basic Usage Limits with RocketBot 
RocketBot is free to use for the basic features. You can create a wallet and complete most of the available commands for free. However, the service includes limits. Here are the basic limits for using RocketBot for free:

  • Send up to five tips per day for free
  • Complete one airdrop per day
  • Complete one giveaway per day

Simply holding more MERGE tokens in your RocketBot wallet can increase your limits. Extended usage increases the basic limits by one for every 300 MERGE tokens that you hold. For example, if you hold 900 MERGE in your wallet, you can complete up to eight tips (five free tips plus three extra tips) per day. You can also complete up to four airdrops and four giveaways. Users may pay fees for withdrawals. Each blockchain charges a small fee for completing a transaction. RocketBot does not earn a commission for the transactions. They are simply facilitating the transaction. Users may also pay fees for monthly listings. There is no setup fee for a basic free listing for a new coin on RocketBot. However, setting up a monthly listing includes a one-time setup fee and a small recurring monthly fee.

Who Should Use RocketBot?
RocketBot is designed for everyone, whether you are a developer, advertiser, business owner, or consumer.
Developers may choose to use RocketBot to promote their newly developed coins. Advertisers and business owners can use RocketBot to boost engagement with followers. Users can benefit from RocketBot by engaging with their favorite brands and receiving rewards.

RocketBot is a crypto wallet and platform for sending and receiving crypto. It currently offers one of the most streamlined options for crypto airdrops and giveaways. However, it may also eventually simplify the way that people complete peer-to-peer transactions, such as sending money to a friend or family member.
If you are looking for a simple method for sending crypto or completing airdrops or giveaways, download the RocketBot mobile wallet today. Install the app, link your social media accounts, and familiarize yourself with the commands. Download RocketBot today.

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